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  • Machine shop
    We modify all kinds of parts and assemblies under design: lines, trapezoidal screws, pinions, pulleys.
  • Industrial Machinery and Components Repair
    We increase the lifespan of the electromagnetic components of your machines by repair when needed.
  • Linear Workshop
    We cut, splice and assemble guides, shafts, ball screws and aluminum profiles.
  • Timing Belts and Bands
    We have our own workshop to cut, fit and customize all kinds of belts and conveyors but we can also assemble at your facilities.
  • Sealings
    We manufacture gaskets or seals in all materials, shapes and dimensions.
  • Gearbox Mounting
    We conduct gearbox mounting from basic pieces to meet your needs for speed, anchor, flanges, etc.
  • Cutting & Assembly of Industrial Chains
    We cut and draw chains of all sizes with the precise amount of steps.
  • Lubricant Analysis Service
    We support the monitoring and control of the state of your lubricants through periodic sample analysis.
  • Centralized Lubrication Solutions
    We select and configure centralized lubrication systems tailored to the particular needs of your case.
Pymes Amigas

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Visit to the CIFP Tecnológico Industrial León

Our Castrol Lubricants sales representative, Belén Laiz, visited CIFP Tecnológico Industrial León to give a technical talk on the advantages of lubricating and cooling cutting tools in optimum conditions and the different oils and cutting fluids for different machine tools.

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